You can “hear” me in your mind, 

'cause you can see my halo.”

if you want you can take it, if you posted somewhere else, credit would be appreciated, thanks.

nothing, I always loved the transition in the mercurial and realist mind of Vincent that overlooking the dionisiaca, most instinctive and wild of Ergo Proxy. His conscience unites the two forces: he knows what his reason for living, for to be, but he knows he has to give an end to this "isolated system" that is no longer the world that its counterpart primordial knew.

episode 9/meditatio IX - “Shards of Brilliance/Angel’s Share”
"Kagayaki no Hahen" (輝きの破片/Angel’s Share) 

gif to which I have referred:[thanks to Penny-Devil, despite her old tumblr page is deleted]

ReA-L my mind by ~CharlieBruna


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